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Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Change

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On September 7 we reduced the Zoom cloud recording retention period from 180 days to 120 days from the original recording date. After 120 days, your recordings will be deleted from the servers. However, if you need to retain your recording for longer than 120 days, you’ll still be able to.
This change is being implemented for a few reasons:

  • Reduce lifespan of recordings that include sensitive student information (names, likenesses, coursework)
  • Recognizes that videos are rarely used beyond the original teaching term
  • Move reusable content (lectures, demos) to Kaltura, which provides adaptive playback and supports low bandwidth and mobile device users
  • Follows best practices adopted by other educational institutions
  • Reduce the cost of expensive cloud storage

If you wish to retain recordings, we encourage you to download them and move to Kaltura for a better streaming experience.
Please avoid sharing recordings that contain student names, voices, faces, or academic work for other classes.

We have also developed a bulk cloud recording download tool if you wish to archive all your recordings. If you would like us to help with the bulk download, please fill out this form.

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