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Creating presence in your online course

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“I don’t care what you know until I know that you care.”
(from the voice of our students, as quoted by Flower Darby, educator/author)

Students notice a lack of presence. They want to know that instructors are there and that we care about them.

Creating Presence – Workshop

This is a terrific professional development opportunity to explore ways to create presence in your online course. Examine strategies for creating a welcoming, engaging learning environment where students feel a sense of connection to the instructor, other students, and the course. This workshop is recommended for current online instructors interested in taking another step toward mastery of online teaching.

Learning Objective
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Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to describe how to create instructor, social, and cognitive presence in online courses.


This Quality Matters workshop is asynchronous, 2 weeks, with 7 hours/week of work expected. There is a completion stipend of $350 for PT faculty. (FT instructors will also be eligible for a stipend for workshops completed during a non-contract period, e.g. summer.)

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  • Creating Presence in your Online Course (May 5th, 2 weeks)
  • Using YouTube for Teaching & Learning (May 10th, 1 week)
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  • Strategies for Improving Retention (July 12, 1 week)

Workshop Details, Dates & Registration

The workshops are asynchronous, but you’ll need to block out time on your calendar to work on the learning activities. It’s most effective to spread the workload throughout the duration of the workshop. (These are not workshops that you can complete in the final couple of days.)

Workshops must be completed in entirety within the timeframe of the workshop in order for PT instructors to be eligible for a stipend. (FT instructors will also be eligible for a stipend for workshops that are completed during a non-contract period, e.g. summer.)

Any changes or cancellation of workshops must be done in Cornerstone (MyCareer@PCC) at least 3 days prior to the start date. (How to withdraw)

Additional resources related to creating presence and building community

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