Diwali celebration a popular cornerstone to International Education Week

Story by James Hill. Photos by Payal Roy.

Henna art

Attendees dabbled in a little DIY henna tattooing.

Last month, more than 200 members of the Portland Community College community came together for a vibrant celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Hosted by the Rock Creek Women’s Resource Center, the event featured Rangoli artwork, DIY henna, entertainment, and delectable Indian snacks at Rock Creek Building 3, stage, and mall. Amid the festive atmosphere, participants immersed themselves in the cultural richness and symbolism of Diwali, where lighted earthen lamps symbolize knowledge dispelling darkness and ignorance.

The event was one of many for this year’s International Education Week, where the college celebrates the benefits of international education and cultural exchanges.

The Diwali celebration, sponsored by the Rock Creek Women’s Resource and Multicultural centers, PCC’s International Student Services, and the Academic Foundations, Essentials, and Gateways Pathway in Mathematics, successfully united the community in a magical afternoon of lights, joy, and cultural appreciation.

As part of PCC’s sense of belonging within the Strategic Plan there is a spirit of care and well-being for every student and staff. This belonging ensures access to key resources, developing intercultural competencies, and supporting a culture where everyone feels acknowledged, inspired and supported.

Diwali Gallery