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PCC Faculty Internationalization Grants

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Application deadline December 11 (last day of Finals Week)

The Internationalization Steering Committee (ISC) is happy to announce a special funding opportunity, directly from PCC!

  • Available to both Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
  • Projects can be modification of course materials, new course materials, or another project that adds an internationalization component or international focus to a course. We encourage you to be creative!
  • Award amounts are expected to be between $500 and $1000, depending on the complexity of the project, the potential benefit for students, and the potential for use by multiple courses or instructors.
  • Previous examples of applications that were funded may be found here.
  • Proposals and reports from previously funded projects may be found here.

Please complete the application* and return by Friday December 11th to:

Ron Bekey, ISC Chair, rbekey@pcc.edu

Please email the address above with any questions.

*The deadline is December 11 (last day of Finals Week). This is a great opportunity for both part-time and full-time PCC faculty!

International Speaker Series

Kalev Sepp, “The all digital government of Estonia” 11/12/20estonian flag
Video: https://youtu.be/q8fFvD7suTQ
Slides: https://www.pcc.edu/internationalization/wp-content/uploads/sites/99/2020/11/The-all-digital-society-of-Estonia.pdf

Watch for another International speaker Winter term!

Online events: Many opportunities to stay engaged!

PCC Internationalization Workshop

Last workshop was Friday November 20, 12:00-2:00 pm

Videos of the presentations will be posted here soon.

Next workshop TBA, approximately Week 7 or 8 of winter term!world map

Learn how to add an internationalization component to your course, and how to apply for an ISC mini-grant! There will be a workshop each term this year. Each workshop will feature two speakers who received ISC grants, talking about what they have done in their courses related to Internationalization, followed by a brainstorming session where faculty can share ideas for adding an international component to one of their courses. Funding available to the first 10 part-time instructors to register.

To register and get the Zoom link, or to apply for funding as a part-time instructor, please Complete the Registration Form .

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