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Spanish GED® Program

One of the primary commitments of Portland Community College is to contribute to the development and empowerment of all social groups in our community, which includes our Latino community. With this firm purpose we offer the GED® Program in Spanish, which gives our Spanish-speaking students the possibility of obtaining the necessary level of knowledge in the four subjects to be evaluated and being able to present their official GED® exams. All GED® Diploma applicants have the option to take the exams in the language of their choice, either Spanish or English.

Portland Community College’s Spanish GED® Program offers classes in Washington County and southeast Portland. These classes prepare the student to take the GED® test in Spanish. Due to COVID-19, school classes and services are offered remotely to ensure the safety and health of those we serve. All our classes are taught in Spanish.

Most employers and training programs, colleges, and universities accept the GED® certificate as an equivalence of the high school or baccalaureate certificate.

Where do you offer Spanish GED® classes?

GED® classes in Spanish are offered at the following locations and Modes of Teaching:

  • Cascade Campus
    • Teaching Mode: In person
    • 9 – 11:50am, Tuesday and Thursday, Advanced Reading and Writing and Social Studies in Spanish
  • Centro Adelante Mujeres
    • Teaching Mode: In person
    • 6pm – 8:50pm, Tuesday and Thursday, Math 1 in Spanish
  • Southeast Campus
    • Teaching Mode: Synchronous Remote
    • 6 – 8:50pm Tuesday and Thursday, Fundamentals of Math 2 and Science in Spanish
  • Willow Creek Center
    • Teaching Mode: Synchronous Remote
    • 9 – 11:50am, Tuesday and Thursday, Fundamentals of Math 2 and Science in Spanish
    • 6 – 8:50pm, Monday and Wednesday, Reading y Writing Outpost / Studies Social
    • 6 – 8:50pm, Tuesday and Thursday, Fundamentals of Math 2 and Science in Spanish

What are GED® classes like in Spanish?

Portland Community College’s GED ® in Spanish Program is configured with two classes; each class includes two subjects as detailed:

  • Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics 2 in Spanish includes the subjects of Mathematics 2 and Science
  • Writing and Advanced Reading in Spanish includes the subjects of Social Studies and Language Arts

What are the teaching modalities of the GED® Program in Spanish?

During the spring quarter of 2023 we will offer classes in two teaching modes:

  • In Person, the student must attend in person at the designated time and place for each class.
  • Remote Synchronous classes are taught remotely using internet/WiFi, at certain times. Students can access classes using a smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect with the instructor in the virtual classroom.

How do I register for GED® classes in Spanish?

Due to COVID-19 regulations, an admission exam is not required to be accepted in the Spanish GED® program.

  1. Apply to PCC
    Complete the Admissions process to get your PCC student ID number (G#). This video may be helpful to learn how to apply. If you still need help with the application after watching the video, contact the Spanish GED® Program at 971-722-6219 or 971-722-6817.
  2. Once you get your PCC ID number (G#), contact the Spanish GED® coordinator at 971-722-6219 or the program counselor at 971-722-6817. They will help you with the registration process.

How much do Spanish GED® classes cost?

The  Spanish GED ® class  costs $78.80 per quarter for each class.  If the student decides to take both classes they would pay double $157.60 per quarter.

How do I pay for my GED ® classes in Spanish?

OnlineLog in to MyPCC.

Select the “Pay for College” tab

Select the ” PCC-Pay” link below your balance and follow the instructions to pay by credit or debit card.

Mail: Send a completed registration and payment form (credit card or check information) to:

Portland Community College PO Box 19000 Portland OR 97280-0990

Phone: Call 971-722-8888 and choose option 3 from the menu.

In person: At any College Campus, head to the Student Account Service building. The offices are located on the Cascade, Sylvania, Rock Creek and Southeast campuses.

If you have difficulties with the above options; You can mail your payment  to the following address using Check or Money Order with your G# PCC written on the payment:

Portland Community College

Student Account Services (SY CC 210) PO Box 19000

Portland, OR 97280-0990

Are Spanish GED® classes available on the internet regularly?

The Spanish GED® Program does not offer Spanish GED® courses online regularly, but due to COVID-19, we are offering Spanish GED® classes virtually.

How can I take  the Spanish GED® exams?

Before taking any GED® exam, the applicants must be prepared in the basic skills of each subject, then students must:

  • Have a personal email and register online on the following website:  Create an account   *Be sure to answer all questions carefully
  • After creating your account, it is advisable to familiarize yourself and navigate on the GED® site in Spanish:
    1. After registering and creating your account through GED.com, you can:
      • Make appointments (online) to take the tests
      • Pay using a debit or credit card
      • Use your voucher code (if you have one)
      • Look up the available resources
      • There are four tests to pass:
        • Reading and Writing are now combined into a single exam
        • Social Studies
        • Science
        • Math
        • *Please note that  each test can be paid separately, and the cost of each one is $38.00
    2. Detailed instructions on how to register and make appointments. This page includes basic instructions about each exam. To take the exams online, (Online Proctored), go to the following link: GED® online.
    3. Due to the pandemic, two review modalities are currently being allowed:
      1. Face-to-face in the Testing Centers with the necessary health measures, or
      2. The computer-from-home exam, known as Online Proctored, if the student meets the technical and safety requirements required by GED.COM.
    4. It is very important that you understand the policies of changing or canceling exam appointments. This information will be included in a confirmation email you will receive after making your appointment. Any refund must be requested at least 24 hours before the appointment. For changes or cancellations you should contact Pearson VUE Customer Service or call at 1-877-392-6433, not the PCC Testing Center. Select the following link to find the nearest Test Center available during the pandemic: GED® Testing Seat Availability Report / Oregon.

How long will it take to get your GED®?

The time needed for students to get their GED® depends on skill level, class attendance, and the student’s dedication to studying. Each student is unique and each one will need a different amount of time to complete the GED®.

Is there any difference between the Spanish GED® and English GED® certificates?

Both certificates are identical, both are in English and do not indicate in which language the student took the test.

Are Spanish GED® books and online materials available?

Spanish GED® books are available at the Rock Creek and Southeast bookstores. Also, the following online courses may be helpful in helping you prepare for GED ® exams in Spanish:

How can I attend school for free after getting the GED certificate in Spanish?

Students who graduate from the GED program at Portland Community College are eligible to receive up to $800.00 in classes with credits. Those credits must be taken in two quarters. For more information and details about this program, contact the GED Coordinator in Spanish at 971-722-6219.


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