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Posted in December 2023

Three images from left to right. Painting of a dark room. Middle image of framed wok with lines moving throughout the composition. Photographic image with a floating cutaway of an interior space with black to blue gradient background. Trace Extractions by Stephanie Serpick, Victoria Smits, and Stefani Byrd
  Left to right: Stephanie Serpick, Void of Modern Life #3, 2021, oil on panel, 16” x 20”; Victoria Smits, […] Posted December 22, 2023
Painting of person holding out arms with counting hatch marks on the wall behind them. Una Kim | Battlegrounds
The North View Gallery is pleased to announce our January show, Battlegrounds, an exhibition of new work by HARTS (Humanities and Arts Initiative) Artist in Residence, Una Kim. Posted December 16, 2023
Micky B, Kai & G Connection | Isolation The SE Gallery Presents a documentary film by G6 Pictures; Connection | Isolation
A documentary film and act of witnessing what has been lost, gained, and revealed to trans and gender variant people […] Posted December 4, 2023