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Alternate media formatting

When providing alternate formats, student preference is always taken into account. We also consider format availability and any content-specific factors that may impact the conversion.

Examples of alternate formats


PDFs are a common format. The pages usually look just like the original printed pages, but the text can be magnified on-screen or accessed with software to read the text out loud.

Text or Document files

We provide Word, Rich Text, or plain text files. Typically, we remove the images, and the remaining text is arranged in a logical format. Page numbers are indicated as appropriate. These files can be accessed with portable devices and/or software that can read aloud or convert to MP3.

HTML files

We provide accessible files online.

Human voice audio

Some books have been recorded by human readers – most of these are obtained through Learning Ally. If you have documentation of a print-based disability, you can sign up for your own account, or borrow through an Accessible Ed & Disability Resources account created for you.

Large print

Typically this is produced in 11 by 17 inch format, but there are other options. Formats can be customized depending on need.

Braille or Braille-ready files

Hard-copy Braille can be embossed. Electronic files can also be provided.

Tactile graphics

Raised line drawings can supplement descriptions of graphics.

Make a request

Learn about getting started with Accessible Ed & Disability Resources and making accommodation requests on the accommodation process page.