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Accommodation process

New students

Portland Community College is a connection point. People are here for different reasons. Accessible Ed & Disability Resources is here for everyone.

Students taking credit courses

If you’re a credit student seeking accommodations at PCC, here’s what you need to know:

Students taking community education courses

If you’re a non-credit student, the accommodation process can be simpler. Choose either:

Using accommodations each term

Using the interactive process, you can request accommodations each term. As an adult student in postsecondary education, you are the one who is responsible for requesting accommodation. Make sure to begin the process after you’ve registered for classes, and if possible, before the term begins.

Send Faculty Notification – course by course decision

Request your accommodations online – this is done for each course each term. Assistance is available in person as well.

Work with faculty to discuss and implement accommodation

After sending the electronic notification, many accommodation strategies should be able to get put in place in a pretty straight forward manner, however there may be some areas in which collaboration and discussion will be needed.

  • Whether by email, or in-person, or by phone, etc. – make sure that if you or your instructors have questions about the accommodation plan that you are bringing Accessible Ed & Disability Resources into the conversation.
  • We have some tips about discussing your accommodations with instructors
Address concerns proactively

We are here for both you and your instructors. Communicate with Accessible Ed & Disability Resources right away if there are questions or concerns and consult our policy page for additional information regarding grievance procedures.