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There are a variety of opportunities throughout the year in which we connect with students, staff, and faculty across the district. We offer resources, training, and support.

Students who are just getting started with Accessible Ed & Disability Resources will want to view the steps for new students.

Technical assistance and adaptive technology exploration

These sessions explore a variety of tools and techniques that are available for use through PCC. They may be required for students borrowing equipment from us, but are also open to staff and faculty and the general student population who are interested in how these technologies work. Check in with an office assistant at any campus to verify availability on any particular date. Appointment times are also available upon request.

  • Read and Write Gold – gives people lots of choices for how to interact with information. It is a tool that is available for all PCC students, staff, and faculty.
  • Voice Recognition – built into some operating systems, and allows individuals to dictate rather than type.
  • Magnification – built into operating systems, but also available through other software and hardware options.
  • Notetaking Tools and Techniques – Livescribe is a popular option that uses a special pen and paper to produce multimedia notes. These pens are sold in our bookstore, and are used in a Accessible Ed & Disability Resources Universal Design project. There are also a variety of applications that can give users the ability to color code portions of audio recordings or transcripts and connect them with notes, PPT, etc.
  • AT equipment loaned through the libraries or through AEDR
Information Sessions

Information sessions are overviews of how the accommodation process works. They are for anyone who is curious – students, staff, or faculty. They can be scheduled as standalone meetings, or can be requested for existing events such as department meetings or class sessions.

Professional Development Series

These sessions cover a variety of topics. From “Disability Cultural Competency” to “Accessibility 101” to “Understanding Service Animals,” all are welcome. Events are open to anyone who is interested in attending and are offered from a perspective of understanding disability not as a medical problem but as a socially constructed phenomenon. These opportunities are recommended for staff and faculty as well as student groups.

All of our session descriptions as well as links to handouts are offered on our event calendar page.