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CCOG Courses in Management & Supervisory Devl Fall 2023

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Course Number Course Title
MSD 101 Principles of Management and Supervision
MSD 105 Workplace Communication Skills
MSD 107 Organizations & People
MSD 110 Gender Conflict Resolution
MSD 113 Influence Without Authority
MSD 115 Improving Work Relations
MSD 116 Creative Thinking for Innovative Change
MSD 117 Customer Relations
MSD 119A Intercultural Communication
MSD 121 Leadership Skill Development
MSD 122 Motivation Without Manipulation
MSD 122A Strength Based Leadership
MSD 123 Job Search Strategies
MSD 123A Innovation and New Products
MSD 128 Crisis Intervention: Handling the Difficult Person
MSD 130 Creative Problem Solving
MSD 134 Leading Changes at Work
MSD 138A Male/Female Communication Differences
MSD 138B Better Habits, Better Results
MSD 141A The Time-Stress-Communication Triangle
MSD 142B Thriving in Transition
MSD 148 Asserting Yourself in the Workplace
MSD 150 Listening Skills
MSD 151 Working with Difficult People
MSD 157 Constructive Conflict Skills
MSD 159 Stress Control
MSD 160A Communication Styles
MSD 162 The Art of Anger Management
MSD 174 Time Management
MSD 174B Leadership & Effective Decision Making
MSD 175B Direct Communication in the Workplace
MSD 176 Nonverbal Communication
MSD 176A Interpersonal Communication
MSD 177 Team Building
MSD 177B Coaching Great Performance
MSD 179B Avoid Burnout: Build Resilience
MSD 180A Goal Setting and Productivity
MSD 187 Humor in the Workplace
MSD 188B Self Management for Success
MSD 192A Project Management
MSD 193 Self Esteem the Key to Success
MSD 193A Leadership Skill Development
MSD 194 Effective Presentation Skills Using PowerPoint
MSD 200 Organizations and Social Responsibility
MSD 203 Emotional Intelligence in Work
MSD 206 The Troubled Employee
MSD 222 Human Resource Management: Personnel
MSD 223 Human Resource Management: Performance and Compensation
MSD 224 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
MSD 225 Global Logistics & Distribution
MSD 226 Inventory & Material Management
MSD 227 Global Sourcing & Product Development
MSD 228 Production Planning
MSD 279 Project Management - Intro
MSD 279A Workplace Quality Improvement
MSD 280A Coop.Ed.: Management and Supervisory Development
MSD 280B Coop. Ed.: Management and Supervisory Development- Seminar