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CCOG for MSD 194 Fall 2022

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MSD 194
Course Title:
Effective Presentation Skills Using PowerPoint
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Course Description

Focuses on the delivery of effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in a professional setting. Covers analyzing various forms of PowerPoint delivery, developing ideas, understanding advanced features of Microsoft PowerPoint, producing multimedia slideshows, handling participant questions, and overcoming objections. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Design and create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation using critical thinking skills and following current professional and/or industry standards. 
  • Explain what to look for when analyzing the audience and approaching the presentation from the listener's perspective.
  • Discuss the variety of PowerPoint delivery methods such as virtual conferencing platforms to make the best selection from the perspective of the intended audience.
  • Describe the value of incorporating time for participant interaction along with techniques for managing questions and/or objections.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

●      Make a MS PowerPoint presentation including designing slides, analyzing the audience, and handling questions.

●      Explain the importance of analyzing the audience and describe how this affects the style of presentation.

●      Design a feedback tool that objectively measures the effectiveness of a presentation.

●      Apply learned skills through an outside project.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  • Outline a presentation.
  • Identify communication techniques to effectively influence listening.
  • Describe steps for creating multiple slide presentations to include the use of:
    • Use “Rehearse Timings”
    • Apply “Record Slide Show” to create a presentation
    • Use “Outline View”
    • Apply “Slide Sorter”
    • Investigate “Set Up Slide Show” for diverse venues (e.g., kiosks, on-line, in-person) or with options for loops
    • Customize templates
    • Understand presentation functions pertaining to various virtual conference platforms
  • Demonstrate how to handle questions or objections.
  • Explain the importance of staying professional under stress including ways to manage anxiety.

General Concepts

Effective presentations require a balance of preparation, organization, information, appropriate and stimulating PowerPoint presentations, question & answer opportunities, and managing anxiety.
Presenters must know the audience, prioritize the information, communicate confidence, and dress appropriately.
Presenters may need to handle a hostile audience, be adaptable when equipment fails, and be sensitive to time requirements.