CCOG Courses in Aviation Science Summer 2024

Course Number Course Title
AVS 107A Flight Preparation Lab - Private Airplane
AVS 107B Flight Preparation Lab - Instrument Airplane
AVS 107C Flight Preparation Lab - Airplane Intro to Commercial
AVS 108A Flight Preparation Lab - Private Helicopter
AVS 108B Flight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Basic Comm Instrument
AVS 115 Helicopter Private Pilot Flight
AVS 117 Aviation Study and Professionalism
AVS 120 Private Pilot Ground
AVS 120H Helicopter Private Pilot Differences
AVS 125 Airplane: Private Pilot Flight
AVS 127 Introduction to Aviation
AVS 130 Instrument Pilot Ground
AVS 135 Airplane: Instrument Flight
AVS 137 Applied Aerodynamics
AVS 140 Airplane: Commercial Pilot Ground
AVS 145 Introduction to Commercial Airplane
AVS 156 Helicopter Basic Commercial w/Instrument
AVS 157 Aircraft Systems & Structures I: Airframe
AVS 167 Aircraft Systems: Powerplant
AVS 177 Pilot Human Factors and Safety Management
AVS 207A Flight Preparation Lab - Airplane Advanced Commercial
AVS 207B Flight Preparation Lab - Airplane Multi-Engine Instructor
AVS 207C Flight Preparation Lab - Airplane Instructor CFII/SEL
AVS 208A Flight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Advanced Commercial
AVS 208B Flight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Flight Instructor
AVS 208C Flight Preparation Lab - Helicopter Instrument Instructor
AVS 216 Helicopter Advanced Commercial
AVS 217 Aviation Weather Services
AVS 225 Airplane: Commercial Flight
AVS 227 Aviation Careers
AVS 230 Initial Flight Instructor Ground
AVS 236 Airplane Multi-Engine Instructor Flight
AVS 237 Aviation Law and Regulations
AVS 240 Instrument Flight Instructor Ground
AVS 243 Airplane Single-Engine CFI Ground/Flight
AVS 244 Airplane Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
AVS 255 Multi-Crew Operations
AVS 265 Helicopter: CFI Flight
AVS 266 Helicopter CFII Flight
AVS 267 Economics of Flight Operations
AVS 275 Airplane: Professional Pilot