CCOG for AVS 237 Spring 2024

Course Number:
AVS 237
Course Title:
Aviation Law and Regulations
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Course Description

Explores the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations through case law and current events. The FAA's role in the development and regulation of the industry is examined. Covers how to reference, interpret and explain aviation law and regulations. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The aviation law and regulation class will explore regulations learned in previous classes and introduce new scenarios to the student. Court decisions and life examples of selected regulations will be covered. This will give the student tools necessary to interpret and explain aviation law and regulations. Lectures, videos, handouts, and written tests will provide the student with the information needed to accomplish this. Class participants will be expected to invest time outside of class to master the course content.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Reference appropriate regulations for a given situation.
  2. Accurately interpret and understand aviation regulations.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

At the beginning of the course, the instructor will explain the methods used to evaluate and record student progress, and the criteria for assigning a course grade. Evaluation methods may include one or more of the following: Tests and quizzes, attendance, participation, class assignments, and class projects.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The remaining pages of this Course Content and Outcome Guide present the competencies, skills, concepts and themes which are designed to result in the outcomes listed above.
Course Content and Outcome Guides are prepared by the Aviation Science Subject Area Curriculum Committee and approved by College management.
Knowledge areas covered in the class will include the following:
1. 14CFR 1.1 General Definitions
2. 14CFR 1.2 Abbreviations and Symbols
3. 14CFR 61

  1. Subpart A, General
  2. Subpart B, Aircraft Ratings and Pilot Authorizations
  3. Subpart C, Student Pilots
  4. Subpart D, Recreational Pilots
  5. Subpart E, Private Pilots
  6. Subpart F, Commercial Pilots
  7. Subpart G, Airline Transport Pilots
  8. Subpart H, Flight Instructors
  9. Subpart I, Ground Instructors

4. 14CFR 91

  1. Subpart A, General
  2. Subpart B, Flight Rules
    1. General
    1. Visual Flight Rules
    1. Instrument Flight Rules
  3. Subpart C, Equipment, Instrument, and Certificate Requirements
  4. Subpart D, Special Flight Operations
  5. Subpart E, Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Alterations

5. 14CFR 121, Applicable regulations
6. 14CFR 135, Applicable regulations
7. 14CFR 141, Pilot Schools
8. NTSB 830

  1. Subpart A, General
  2. Subpart B, Initial Notification of Aircraft Accidents, Incidents and Overdue Aircraft.
  3. Subpart C, Preservation of Aircraft Wreckage, Mail, Cargo, and Records
  4. Subpart D, Reporting of Aircraft Accidents, Incidents, and Overdue Aircraft
  5. Subpart E, Reporting of Public Aircraft Accidents and Incidents.

9. The FAA's role in the development and enforcement of regulations.