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Partnering to serve students

Career Services welcomes the opportunity to partner with faculty and staff to support our students’ success. We offer tools, resources, and workshops that can be integrated into your course and we’ll work closely with you to customize career components for your students.

Four ways to partner with us

calendar days
Schedule a classroom presentation

Career Services (CS) staff can visit your class to present on a variety of career-related topics. Presentations can be tailored to students in your specific subject area, or we can offer a general workshop that’s relevant for students no matter their particular career of interest. You could even consider a career-related presentation if you need to be out of the classroom and don’t want to cancel the class.

Sample topics
  • “What can I do with a major in…?”
  • Labor market trends
  • Making community connections (networking, volunteering, etc.)
  • Overview of career resources and services for PCC students
Schedule a tour of Career Services

We also host class visits to the CS where we can provide students with an overview of career services and resources. When students visit the CS as a class, they’re more comfortable returning again and accessing our resources on their own time. CS overviews can range from 20-50 minutes depending on your need; some instructors opt to have classes remain after the overview so students can begin a career-related research project if relevant for the course.

Class raps

If you’d like to connect your students with career support but don’t have time for an in-depth presentation, you could schedule a 5-10 minute class rap in which CS student Peer Advisors provide a brief introduction to career services. In addition to learning about the CS, your students will discover that student Peer Advisor positions are paid, on-campus student job opportunities, and may consider applying for a position themselves in the future.

Integrate career tools in the classroom

If you’d like to incorporate career information tools into your subject material, we would be happy to help. We can work together to create assignments or develop classroom activities that utilize career-related materials and resources that are relevant for your particular course.

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