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Donate to CAMP

We appreciate your interest in supporting the College Assistance Migrant program. You can make your contribution at the PCC Foundation website, which shows you the easy ways you can make a donation. Even small contributions add up and make a big difference!

How your donations will help our program

To donate online:
  1. Visit the PCC Foundation website
  2. Click, Give Online
  3. Register personal information and click Continue
  4. Fill out secondary information
  5. In Designation section, select Other
  6. In the Comments section put CAMP Program
  7. When complete click on Proceed to Verification
CAMP success story

Ezequiel Lopez was born in Michoacán, Mexico. His family immigrated to Oregon when he was only three months old and they settled in Cornelius Oregon. Growing up Ezequiel had many family members and friends who were gang members, but he chose not to be part of that life. His family instilled in him a respect for education and wanted him to pursue a post-secondary degree. Ezequiel realized at a young age what a huge sacrifice his parents had made in coming to this country and he did not want to make a decision without knowing how it would affect his family. He applied to the PCC CAMP program and was accepted in during the 2007-08 academic year. According to Ezequiel, “CAMP helped me to put myself out there and not be afraid of interacting with people who are different from me. It opened a lot of opportunities, such as being able to participate in the CAMP/NIKE Professional Mentor Program and now finding jobs on the PCC Rock Creek campus”. Ezequiel would like to pursue a career in marketing, get a masters degree and ultimately a PhD in Psychology.

Migrant worker facts in Oregon
  • Oregon has the 3rd highest concentration of farm workers in the US.
  • Oregon ranks 6th in the US in Agricultural labor.
  • Oregon ranks 5th in the nation in the number of students enrolled in migrant education programs.
  • Oregon has the 4th highest percentage of public schools enrolling migrant children
Wish list
  • Programming support
    • Transportation
      • $774: Provides one student’s bus passes for one academic year.
      • $3,000: Provides 45 students to visit 3 universities.
      • $3,000: Provides up to 45 students to attend cultural and leadership events.
    • Housing support
      • $7,000: Provides 10 students with emergency rent money.
    • Tuition support
      • $22,500: Provides 45 students to have additional supplemental tuition money.
    • Book support
      • $4,500: Provides 45 students additional supplemental book support for PCC courses.
  • Scholarship support
    • Tuition support
      • $45,000: Provides program completers a second year of tuition support.