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Give online using our simple form!

When you make a gift to the PCC Foundation, the value of your dollar extends far beyond one person or one opportunity. PCC strengthens Oregon’s economy by contributing $1.2 billion a year in added income as a result of job skills obtained at PCC. Your investment supports the future of our entire region, bringing the power of higher education within reach for thousands of people.

The PCC Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 93-0811291.

Contact us directly

Gifts may come in many forms, the simplest way is a gift of cash. While some cash gifts may be large, many are $100 or less. All are thoughtfully given to the Foundation to ensure quality education and accessibility in the future. Have questions? You can reach us at 971-722-4382 or at pccfoundation@pcc.edu.

Mail your gift to

PCC Foundation
PO Box 19000
Portland, OR 97280

Please call 971-722-4382 for personal assistance with

There are many giving options

Whether you are looking to make a cash donation or you need help with a more complicated gift, we’re here to help you make opportunity happen:

  • Give online
    You can give right now by using our simple online form.
  • PCC Champions for Opportunity
    The Portland Community College Foundation is looking for 100 Champions of Opportunity, who will ensure that PCC has the resources to be responsive to the needs of students today, tomorrow and long into the future.
  • Donate securities or stock
    We can help you donate securities like stocks and bonds, providing you with immediate benefits. Donate to the PCC Foundation Account at Charles Schwab Institutional.
    Give an IRA charitable rollover gift.
  • Monthly giving
    The Panther Pack is an easy and impactful way for you to carry on your support of PCC’s brightest students.
  • Establish a scholarship
    It’s easier than you might think to establish a PCC Foundation scholarship. Discover how to create a scholarship and support deserving students, by visiting how to establish a scholarship.
  • Estate planning / Planned giving
    Planned gifts, such as remembering the PCC Foundation in your will, require more preparation than an outright cash donation, but can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For more information, contact us at pccfoundation@pcc.edu.
  • Donate in-kind
    The Foundation accepts gifts that are identified as college needs or items that can be readily converted to cash.
  • Support our General Program Fund or a specific Program Fund for Excellence
    Donating to a fund for excellence supports specific programs and college initiatives.
  • PCC payroll deduction
    As faculty and staff, help make opportunity possible for our students every day. Consider supporting student success by making an ongoing, monthly gift via payroll deduction.

Don’t forget!

Your employer may match your gift. Check with your company to see if they offer this benefit. This is an excellent way to multiply your contribution.