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COVID-19 Response Fund for Students

COVID-19 Response Fund for Students

We know that in times of crisis, vulnerable communities can be most affected, which includes many of our PCC students. The PCC Foundation is working with our student resource staff to provide our students with a lifeline during this COVID-19 outbreak.

We are partnering with local food banks and distributing grocery gift cards to ensure our students have food resources. We are expanding our emergency grant program to support students with urgent wifi and technology needs for online learning, as well as rent, medical bills, utilities and childcare. Additional community resources for students have been collected on this PCC webpage.

You can support these initiatives and help our students during this public health crisis by making a gift today.

PCC Foundation Board Member, Michael Gentry, will be matching the first $10,000 in gifts made to support student urgent needs, so your gift will have an even greater impact in our community.