Parking and Transportation Services

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Permits required

In keeping with the college’s Transportation Demand Management Plan, any vehicle parked on a PCC campus or center must display a valid PCC parking permit. Permits are required when school is in session as based upon the academic calendar. Parking permits are not required on weekends, holidays or during the first week of each term. Permits are also not required in designated motorcycle parking areas or for off-campus classes.

Hourly parking permits may be purchased at various PCC pay stations located around the campuses and centers. Hourly permits are not valid in staff spaces.

Hourly parking:
$2 for two hours
$3 for three hours
$4 for four hours
$5 for five or more hours
Exact change or credit card required. Machines do not give change.
Term permits:
See pricing info for student permits

At the Portland Metropolitan Workforce Training Center, the Newberg Center, the Hillsboro Education Center and the Willow Creek Center, students do not need a permit to park. However, staff who are assigned to these centers must have a PCC parking permit.

Parking in the adjacent neighborhoods is not allowed.

Cascade underground garage

Approximately 150 parking spaces in the underground garage may be used by vehicles displaying a current PCC parking permit. Another 60 spaces in the garage may only be used by vehicles displaying an hourly or daily parking permit. Hourly or daily parking permits for use in the garage maybe be purchased from dispensers located in the garage.

Other types of parking

Visitor parking

Visitors and guests must purchase and display a daily parking permit in order to park on PCC roadways and lots. These daily permits may be purchased at any campus pay station. Permits are not valid in areas set aside for staff parking.

Disabled parking

PCC temporary disability permits are available for students, employees and visitors who require special parking due to an accident or injury, such as a broken leg. To get this permit, take a letter from a medical doctor explaining your mobility problem to the Office for Students with Disabilities. If they approve your request, they will issue you a temporary disabled parking permit to use in conjunction with your PCC parking permit. These permits (maximum one, two-week permit) will let you park in specially marked PCC temporary disability parking areas. This permit does not entitle you to park in state DMV disabled parking areas.

Parking areas for persons with disabilities are located on every campus. Vehicles using these designated areas must be transporting the disabled individual and display a state-issued disabled license plate or placard. Vehicles in disabled parking spaces must also properly display a valid PCC parking permit.

Trouble finding parking?

Additional parking options are available at Southeast, Cascade and Rock Creek.

Motorist assistance

In conjunction with the PCC Department of Public Safety, vehicle unlocks, battery jumps and escorts to and from your vehicle are available. For this service, dial extension 4902 from any campus phone.

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