Building Construction Technology - Program Overview

Academic Overview

building construction technology project

Our program consists of three certificate/degree options that provide you with the skills you need to specialize in a specific segment of the construction industry: Building Construction, Construction Management; and Design/Build Remodeling. Students wishing to pursue the two-year associate degree also have the opportunity to participate in cooperative education, a program that allows you to receive credit for on-the-job experience; while this is optional in the BCT program, it is required in the Construction Management and Design/Build Remodeling options.

Building Construction Technology

This program prepares you to enter the home building industry. Courses include framing, concrete construction, exterior finish, interior finish, cabinetmaking, and estimating. Our graduates seek careers as general contractors, subcontractors, carpenters, estimators and remodelers.

Building Construction Technology: Construction Management

Our Construction Management program prepares you to enter the construction industry in a managerial capacity. Courses include Project Management, Estimating, Sustainable Construction Practices, Construction Law, and more.

Building Construction Technology: Design/Build Remodeling

Our Design/Build Remodeling option, supported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) prepares you to enter the field of design/build remodeling of kitchens and baths. Students take interior design classes like Interior Planning, Kitchen and Bath Planning and CAD for Kitchens and Baths. Students participate in an on-the-job internship, design competitions, and a variety of field trips. This program uses training materials supplied and supported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and follows NKBA Kitchen and Bath Planning Guidelines.

Program Outcomes

As a student in the Building Construction Technology program, you will learn to:

  • Use efficient and safe construction skills and techniques on construction projects.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork in community, and workplace.
  • Use computer technology to automate, organize, store and present information used in construction activities and career advancement.
  • Employ effective and appropriate communication skills when interacting with trade associates, design associates, vendors and customers.
  • Apply decision-making and problem-solving skills in community and workplace.
  • Practice ethical standards of business conduct and professional services.
  • Practice the efficient use of man made and natural resources.