Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

As a courtesy to our students, staff, and members of the academic community, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides public assistance services on campus. Services include, but are not limited to:

Safety Escorts
Public safety officers provide escorts to students and staff to parking lots or buildings upon request. The use of this service is especially encouraged after dark.
Battery Jumps
College public safety vehicles are equipped with a battery jump kit in order to assist individuals parked on campus whose vehicle may need a battery jump.
Vehicle Lock Outs
Officers have special equipment and training to assist individuals who have locked their keys in their vehicles. Persons requesting this service must be able to provide valid vehicle registration, a drivers license, and have a valid driving status in the state of Oregon.
Room Unlocks
Officers assist authorized persons with unlocks to classrooms and offices. Students can be authorized to enter without an instructor present if they have previous written permission from that instructor. Written permission can be in the form of an interoffice memo or an email sent to publsafe@pcc.edu.
Lost and Found

The Department of Public Safety maintains a structured "lost and found" property system. Students who believe they may have lost property should contact DPS by telephone or in person to find out if the property has been found. All found property is recorded and secured on campus. Found property that has not been claimed after 30 days gets donated to charitable organizations in the Portland Metro area. To find out where your campus Lost and Found is located, see Campus Specific Public Safety Information.

Door Access Cards
If you have lost your door access card, report it immediately to publsafe@pcc.edu and Officer Danielle Parker Reporting it allows us to turn off the access and then you may request a new card. Card replacements require a $10 fee.
Alarm Code Requests
If you need an alarm code, please request it via email from Christine Dibble, cdibble@pcc.edu.  The request must be approved by the director of public safety and then will be sent to the alarm technician for entry.  Requests sent directly to the alarm technician will not be honored.