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Student Success Network Group

Team Description and Charge

The Student Success Network Group was formed as a short-term strategic design YESS group during 2020-21 and was charged with developing recommendations for establishing a clear and proactive network of referral and support that promotes student persistence and completion.

The Student Success Network is an effort to better support PCC students using a coordinated care approach, an intentional approach of standardizing practices across Student Affairs units to connect all of the people involved in student support in a shared institutional goal. This work will formalize retention support and make the college experience more seamless for students to navigate systems and receive holistic support.

Progress and Milestones

The Student Success Network Group met throughout the 2020-21 academic year to create a vision for a community of care at PCC from both a student and a staff and faculty lens. They conducted research and completed an environmental scan to gather and understand best practices. The team identified over 50 recommendations, which they condensed and categorized into four main themes. These themes align with Academic and Career Pathways and the Strategic Plan’s work related to the theme of Belonging.

  1. Professional Development
  2. Onboarding
  3. Tools for Communication
  4. Continuous Improvement and Culture Shift

Next Steps

During the 2021-22 academic year, a newly identified team of Academic and Student Affairs leaders will guide the Student Success Network efforts through the implementation and monitoring phases.

Academic/Student Affairs Division Leadership
Student Belonging and Wellbeing Lauren Smith, Dean
K12 and Community Partnerships Vicky Lopez Sanchez, Dean
Academic and Career Pathways
  • Karen Paez, Associate Vice President/Pathways
  • Jeremy Estrella, Assoc. Vice President/Pathways
Academic and Career Pathways Guidance
  • Sonya Bedient, Dean
  • Jason Pinkal, Director of Advising and Career Svcs
  • Emmitt Wyche, Dir. of Pathway Guidance Innovation
Enrollment Strategy and Services Ryan Clark, Dean

This work is guided by the following priority projects in support of the college’s Strategic Plan:

  • Establish Academic and Career Pathways Pathways cross-functional operating teams that apply an equity-conscious continuous improvement process to assure:
    • Program and pathway level curriculum that meets sector demands and living wage jobs;
    • Student progress monitoring and proactive support; and
    • Effective transitions to employment or further education.
  • Evaluate, modify and expand targeted programming for marginalized students and communities to mitigate barriers created by systemic inequality and improve access, progress, and completion of educational goals.
  • Expand and consistently integrate a new student onboarding process inclusive of all learners (credit and non-credit) and aligned with Academic and Career Pathways entry and goal completion.