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We say YESS to Opportunity

Since 2017, PCC has been engaged in the reform of our policies, practices, and behaviors to improve the experience and outcomes for our diverse students. Yes to Equitable Student Success (YESS) is our roadmap to dismantling barriers and building inclusive systems of education and support. Now guided by the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, our work aims to keep students at the center and transform their experience.

Our vision for equitable student success

Recognizing the unique value, perspectives, strengths, and challenges of every person who comes to PCC for education, all students will achieve their academic goals through equitable support, quality instruction, clear guidance to persist, and an unwavering commitment to completion shared by the entire college community.

Goals for YESS
  • Our student population reflects the diverse communities we serve
  • Our students graduate at a constantly increasing rate
  • Disparities in student outcomes are significantly reduced or eliminated

As part of the Achieving the Dream network of community colleges across the country, we share data and best practices to help more students reach their goals. This network, along with similar statewide efforts, has supported our planning and action.

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