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Our Work in Progress

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Thanks to the leadership of our dedicated staff and faculty over the years, we continue to make progress in the phased implementation of Academic and Career Pathways and a variety of other initiatives focused on improving equitable student success outcomes. Core YESS teams have laid the foundation for our work during the 2021-22 academic year, as defined in our Strategic Plan priority projects. 

2020-21 YESS Team Progress

Academic and Career Pathways (20 teams)

Fifteen implementation design teams working on a continuous improvement model to develop Pathway structure and student experience.

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YESS Steering and Action Group

District Leaders of Diversity team providing guidance and tools for DEI as core to all YESS reform.

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Pathways to Opportunity Council

Supporting strategies and access to resources to help students with unmet financial need.

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ESOL/ABE Work Group

Developing recommendations to improve student outcomes, experience, and on-ramps to Pathways.

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Strategic Course Scheduling Implementation Team

Analyzing and implementing improvements to the college course scheduling process.

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Advising Redesign Implementation Team

Implementing multiple reforms as part of the Advising Redesign Initiative.

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Student Success Network Group

Developing recommendations for a tech-assisted student care network of referral and support.

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