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Strategic Course Scheduling Implementation Team

Team Description and Charge

The Strategic Course Scheduling Implementation team was formed to explore scheduling solutions and technology that will support PCC’s new Academic and Career Pathways structure. The team began the design to implement a tool that will help PCC make data-informed and student-centered decisions when creating course schedules.

Progress and Milestones

In 2020 the team met with focus groups including faculty, staff, deans, and managers across the college. They utilized feedback from the focus groups to inform the vendor recommendation process. The technology platform AdAstra was selected and approved by the YESS Steering Committee and the President’s Cabinet, and in Summer 2021 the procurement process began.

Next Steps

During the 2021-22 academic year, a newly identified team of Academic and Student Affairs leaders will guide Strategic Course Scheduling efforts through the implementation and monitoring phases.

Academic/Student Affairs Division Leadership
Academic and Student Affairs Operations Kurt Simonds, Dean

This work is guided by the following priority projects in support of the college’s Strategic Plan:

  • Create a strategic course scheduling model that is responsive to the needs of our students and community and takes into account multiple modalities, time, location, and academic program maps. The model should promote cross-location collaboration and coordination, efficiency, space usage, and resources savings. This effort is held accountable through the creation and assessment of appropriate metrics of evaluation and informed use of data.