Announcements display below the header on all pages of the website. Unlike alert messages, the information in announcements is not broadcast via other communication channels.

Announcements are posted by Web Team staff upon direction from college administrators.


  • Announcements are commonly used for cases such as unplanned building (but not campus) closures.
  • Announcements are not displayed for closures due to scheduled events, such as national holidays, unless the closure is new or different from past years.
  • Announcements must be relevant to a broad PCC audience.
  • Announcements often display for a longer amount of time than alert messages generally do, and both alerts and announcements can display at the same time.
  • The homepage committee meets bi-weekly and will plan for upcoming known announcement needs. This committee also assesses requests for announcements if concerns on usage arise.


When an announcement is issued a notice will appear in orange below the header on all pages of the website. The announcement can be summary text that links to for additional details.

Responsive behavior

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Development info

Learn about posting announcements on Spaces.

Orange announcement bar below the main header