Web forms gather information from users. For most forms, we use a third-party plugin called Gravity Forms, but the site must be in WordPress. We do use a third-party application called Qualtrics for some forms, but we’re slowly phasing it out. There are also still some plain HTML forms on the website, but those will eventually go away as the pages are moved into WordPress.

Gravity Forms are secure and simple to set up, and it’s easy to view submission data. If you’d like a form on your website, contact us at and we’ll help you get started. The forms are accessible and fully responsive.

*** We don’t link to Google Forms on the website if the form asks for personal information – these forms aren’t secure and don’t meet our accessibility requirements.


Web forms have gray backgrounds and white input boxes. Qualtrics forms are clean, simple, and white.

Responsive behavior

No change, unless the form uses columns or other more complex layouts (uncommon).

Development info
  • Stylesheet location: /_source/styles/components/_forms.scss
  • Don’t build any regular HTML forms! If the site is in WordPress use Gravity Forms (or move the site into WordPress before setting up the form). Otherwise, use Qualtrics.
  • Gravity Forms:
    • The plugin must be enabled on the site.
    • Go to “Forms” in the WordPress sidebar and create your form there.
    • Remember to use piped text to generate the reply-to email, so replies don’t come to
  • Regular forms:
    • Forms don’t require a class.
  • Search forms:
    • id="searchweb" – main PCC site search form on the search page
    • id="staff-directory-search" – staff directory search form on the contacts page
    • id="askpanther" – Ask the Panther form (it no longer has special styles) on the search page
    • id="searchform" – other search forms, like this one on the News website

Form examples

Gravity form

"*" indicates required fields

Contact information


If blank or incorrect, please copy and paste the url of the page to be corrected.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Search form

View the search form in action.

Search form example

Qualtrics form

View a Qualtrics form in action.

Qualtrics form example