Proctored exams

A Proctored Exam is a test taken under the supervision of testing staff. The proctor’s function is to ensure procedural integrity and security of the exam in a secure environment. All PCC campuses provide make-up exam proctoring for PCC students. Students and instructors using our services must be familiar with all testing procedures.

Schedule a proctored exam

Make-up exams for PCC classes

For instructors

Instructors need to upload the exam and the proctored exam instruction form.

Upload exam and test instructions

See the instructor responsibilities page for more information.

If you are experiencing problems uploading files, please contact

Make-up exams are tests that students are unable to take during the regularly scheduled time offered by the instructor. Make-up exams apply to both campus-based and online PCC courses. Proctoring of exams is only offered upon approval of the instructor and within the guidelines provided here.

Because testing centers have limited seating, make-up exams are only for the few students that an instructor can’t proctor on their own. This service shouldn’t be used as a location for re-taking exams. Instructors are limited to four students per test session.

See the student responsibilities page for more information.

Proctored exams for other institutions

Currently, we do not offer proctoring services for other institutions. If you have set up a prior arrangement with a testing center, please contact them directly for the status of your arrangement.