Instructor responsibilities

  • Proctoring services are to be used for individual make-up exams only. Testing Centers cannot accommodate testing for entire classes.
  • Retakes of exams should be done with the instructor, and cannot be done at the Testing Centers.
  • All test instructions (testing procedures, maximum time limit, calculator use, etc.) must be reviewed with the student prior to their coming in for a make-up exam.
  • Make-up exams are only offered during specific times at each campus. Please encourage students to contact the Testing Center they would like to attend in order to schedule an appointment.
  • Instructors must fill out a Proctored Examination Instruction Form and attach it to the exam to be proctored with the names of the students to be tested.
  • Testing will not collect or disseminate any non-proctored materials, including homework, papers, surveys, or take-home tests.
  • Students suspected of cheating or violating testing procedures will be reported to their instructors and Testing Center administration.
  • Students must contact Accessible Ed & Disability Resources if they require ADA accommodations for testing. Instructors should also contact Accessible Ed & Disability Resources if they have questions about granting accommodations to students.