PCC is a leader in sustainable purchasing! PCC recognizes that its impact extends beyond its campuses and centers, and as a result, the college is committed to integrating sustainability into its purchases of services and goods. PCC’s Board of Directors first approved the our sustainability commitment to sustainability purchasing back in 2011.

In 2020 PCC adopted its own Community College Rules of Procurement in accordance with ORS 279.A065(5)(a) and ORS 279A.070. The sustainability commitment section states:

In accordance with the Oregon Community College Rules of Procurement, member colleges are committed to the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible materials and products which are fiscally responsible, reduce resource consumption and waste, perform adequately and promote human health and well-being. Recognizing their regional economic role, colleges shall seek opportunities to educate, encourage, and influence their respective markets by utilizing, where feasible, products and services including new environmentally preferable products, reusable products, recycled content and recycled products.

To support this, the college has developed guidelines for major product categories:

  • ENERGY STAR appliances (where applicable) in new construction and remodels
  • Flame retardant-free furnishings (where feasible) in new construction and remodels
  • EPEAT Certified computers and monitors
  • EcoLogo or Green Seal Certified cleaning products
  • Minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content in sanitary paper products
  • Minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content in Print Center fleet

Additionally, PCC is one of the only schools in higher education that tracks and reports on its supply chain greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the only community college on the Founder’s Circle of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. PCC is also an active participant in the Oregon Environmental Council’s Healthy Purchasing Coalition. These efforts and more have situated PCC as a leader in the sustainable procurement arena.

Some of the college’s efforts around sustainable purchasing include:

  • Active members of the Sustainability Leadership Council and Healthy Purchasing Coalition
  • PCC has integrated sustainability language into its RFP process
  • PCC has joined other Oregon higher eds and government organizations in choosing flame retardant-free furnishings when possible
  • PCC has developed a green office supplies purchasing guide
  • Working with vendors to track sustainable purchases throughout the college
  • The District Student Council adopted a sustainable purchasing policy and events guide
  • PCC developed Sustainability Guidelines for Purchasing.