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2016 Eco Challenge results are in!

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Thanks to all that participated in this year’s EcoChallenge! It was our best one yet! PCC had 155 participants who racked up 21,027 total points, making an impressive impact together. Some of us focused on reducing waste for the EcoChallenge, while others tried out healthier meals, or better utilized alternative transportation, or simply took time to unplug and get outdoors.

Remember that the numbers below don’t represent the good work we’re all already doing for sustainability. Rather, these are the results of us trying out new sustainability practices for the two weeks that the EcoChallenge ran. Hopefully we learned new positive practices by participating and incorporated some of them into our daily routines! Collectively the PCC teams’ impact included:

-3,418 pounds of CO2 saved
-10,087 gallons of water saved
-1,038 plastic bottles not sent to the landfill
-235 disposable cups not sent to the landfill
-32 pounds of food waste composted
-8 pounds of paper saved
-65 light bulbs replaced

-566 miles traveled by carpool
-160 miles traveled by bus
-130 miles traveled by foot
-48 miles traveled by bike

-406 meatless meals
-193 organic meals
-42 zero-waste meals
-24 locally sourced meals

-111 people helped
-9,349 minutes spent outdoors
-8,955 minutes not spent in front of a screen
-5,205 minutes spent exercising
-1,230 minutes of additional sleep
-16 hours volunteered
-1 neighbor met
-2 conversations with friends


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