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OZZI Grand Opening

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Portland Community College is excited to announce the grand opening of the OZZI machine at the Rock Creek Campus! Join ASPCC on January 22nd from 8-10am for the grand opening breakfast event!

What is the OZZI machine you may ask? The OZZI machine eliminates disposable takeout containers and replaces them with 100% reusable ones. You simply receive one of the reusable containers with the purchase of a takeout meal. When you have finished your meal, return the container to the machine, and insert it in the slot with the barcode first and facing up. The machine will dispense an OZZI token that is needed to retrieve a new reusable container with your following takeout purchase. The containers are collected on a regular basis to be sanitized prior to being reused.

Some additional facts about the OZZI machine include:

  • The machine helps reduce the amount of paper, plastic and styrofoam waste going into landfills
  • It decreases the consumption of fossil fuels and trees, which lowers our carbon footprint.
  • It saves the PCC money on waste hauling and the purchasing of containers.
  • OZZI is easy and fun to operate!

To learn more about the OZZI, visit their website:


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x by Sera Grover 5 years ago

Good afternoon!
I am currently enrolled in a sustainability in action class here at the University of Saskatchewan. For our major project my group and I are wanting to install an Ozzi system within our main restaurant location. I was wondering if I could get in touch with someone who has knowledge about the implementation of your Ozzi system?

Thank you,
Sera Grover