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Buying Textbooks

When to buy books

You can purchase your books before you attend class, but we suggest that you attend at least one class before purchasing books, software or electronics. Instructors frequently make book recommendations the first day of class, and you'll want this information before buying books. If you are unsure if you have purchased the correct items, do not open them – see the return policy for more.

Where to buy books

You can buy books in person or online. We can ship your books to you, or you can pick up your online order in store. Books are campus specific, so be sure to buy your books from campus where you'll be taking your class.

If your class is at... buy books in person ... buy books online...
  • Sylvania
  • Newberg
  • Online Learning
Sylvania Bookstore Sylvania Online Bookstore
  • Cascade
Cascade Bookstore Cascade Online Bookstore
  • Rock Creek
  • Hillsboro
  • Willow Creek
Rock Creek Bookstore Rock Creek Online Bookstore
  • Southeast
Southeast Bookstore Southeast Online Bookstore

Buying used books online

When you buy books online, you can indicate that you would prefer a used textbook, and we will fill your order with a used book if possible. It is not guaranteed that a used book will be available. If no used copies are available, you will receive (and be charged for) a new textbook.

PantherAccess pilot

Read more about efforts to provide low cost online materials in our PantherAccess pilot program.

Returning books purchased online

Books purchased online may be returned, although shipping charges are not refundable. For information on returning books, visit the return policies page.