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Equipment list

Proper protective clothing, equipment, and tools are required to work in the welding shop. Check online for local welding suppliers. Be sure to let them know that you’re a student at PCC, as many of them give you a 10% discount or better.

All equipment below is required. You will need some tools by the second day of class for most shifts. Other tools you can purchase later in the term.

Required by the second day of class

Personal protective equipment
  • Auto-darkening variable lens welding hood/helmet
  • 10 clear plastic cover lenses per term – these lenses need to match or be appropriate for
    the hood you purchase

    • Some hoods take the same size and type of lens inside and out
    • Some have different size lens for inside and out
    • Make sure you have both for your hood
  • Safety glasses
  • Cotton work clothes – coveralls recommended
  • Leather boots above the ankle – steel-toed work boots encouraged
  • Four pairs per term of leather gloves for SMAW (“stick”) and FCAW (gauntlet style)
  • 100 sets of earplugs per term
  • Cotton welders cap
  • Combination square – 12″ recommended size
  • Two Vise-Grip pliers – recommended size 9R
  • 12-foot tape measure
  • Slag hammer
  • Wire brush standard size
  • Three-ring binder or something for keeping welding packets and materials in
  • MIG welpers – standard size
  • Lineman Pliers
  • File
  • Fillet Weld Gages
  • Metal Scribe

Required tools to purchase later

These tools may be purchased later in the term or when you take a specific class.

Personal protective equipment
  • Leather welder’s jacket or sleeves
  • Leather neck protector, optional
  • Respirator and matching particulate filters
  • Full-size cutting shield with #5 filter lens
  • For all students taking GMAW classes – pair or leather GMAW gloves (gauntlet type)
  • For all students taking GTAW or TIG classes – Pair of TIG gloves (gauntlet type)
  • Non-solar calculator – nothing fancy, does not need to be scientific, definitely not a graphing calculator
  • Flashlight – pocket size
  • 24-inch framing square
  • Four 11R Vise-Grip clamps
  • 12-inch adjustable wrench (crescent wrench)
  • Soapstone with soapstone holder
  • Two 4-inch C-clamps
  • Set of tip cleaners
  • Hammer, 2 lb Blacksmith
  • Triple flint striker
  • Six inch speed square
  • Two corner magnets
  • Two grinders 4.5″
  • Six grinding disks 4.5″
  • Three wire wheels 4.5″
  • Three sanding disks 4.5″
  • Cold chisel and center punch set
  • Toolbox (suggested size 28″ x 12″ x 12″) with standard size padlock
  • For all students taking pipe classes – pipe liner file, 12” half-round