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Our facilities (the farm, kennel, and cattery)

The farm

Cattle on the farm at Rock CreekSheep laying in the shade under the solar panels on the farm at Rock CreekElliot the sheepLucy the cow

Portland Community College’s Rock Creek campus farm is home to a variety of animals, including cattle, sheep, horses, goats, alpacas, rabbits, and chickens. All of the large livestock animals are raised on pasture, and the Montadale/Border Leicester sheep and Hereford cattle are USDA certified grass-fed. The newest addition to the farm is a small herd of Finnish Landrace sheep, raised specifically for wool. The wool is available every spring to the public for purchase, along with additional sheep and alpaca wool. Priorities on the farm include practicing sustainable agriculture and connecting with the community through farm tours and other events.

The kennel and cattery

The Vet Tech program receives dogs and cats from local rescue groups and shelters to live in the on-campus kennel and cattery during the school year. Students provide daily care, exercise, and training to the resident animals. They also assist with medical procedures to keep the dogs, cats, and farm animals healthy, which is vital in helping students gain knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine.