Veterinary Technology

The Farm

two alpaca the donkey horse pigs in field

At PCC's Rock Creek Campus farm, there are almost 30 sheep, two dozen cows, five alpacas, three rabbits, a horse, a donkey, some chickens, and a group of dogs and cats at a next door kennel.

The Vet Tech Program rescues groups of dogs and cats from local shelters at the start of the year for students to provide daily care, exercise and assist with medical procedures to keep them healthy. Students also clean the on-site kennel, organize animal feedings and participate in farm activities like the popular lamb watch. This is where groups of three students take shifts to watch for potential births in the barn among the farm’s sheep and keep detailed logs of their behavior and care. In addition to their program work, students fund raise and lend their expertise to local nonprofits.

Being able to work with animals hands on is really important because there are a lot of different behaviors you can learn about. With Rock Creek having the farm animals, it has been extremely helpful and ties in with what we’re learning in the classrooms. It’s a great way to really learn the skills.

Ann Lauerman, Rock Creek student