Veterinary Technology

Rock Creek Bldg 7, Rm 202 | Department Chair: Ragan Borzcik, DVM | 971-722-7252

Program Admission

Our program is popular, and admittance is competitive. Enrollment is limited to approximately 30 students per year. Applications for the PCC Veterinary Technology program are due by May 1st of each year. A new cycle of classes starts in September of each year. Applicants who are most successful in gaining acceptance into the PCC Veterinary Technology program have veterinary experience of a year or more, a minimum of 30 college credits, most in math and science, a good letter of recommendation from a veterinarian, a competitive college and high school grade point average, a good score in the interview and a satisfactory application packet. This page should help guide you through the necessary steps to apply for admission to the Veterinary Technology program. Veterinary Technology is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding profession. Good Luck!

Information Sessions

These instructive sessions will cover career prospects, program requirements, selection criteria, application procedures, deadlines, and strategies to improve your admission status. The sessions last approximately one and a half hours including an opportunity for students to ask questions. Information sessions are not required in order to apply to PCC’s veterinary technology program, however they are strongly encouraged. See the What’s Next box on our main webpage to find our next session

Minimum Application Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are eligible to apply to the Veterinary Technology Program if they meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • High school diploma or high school equivalency
  • Completion of the following pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C” or better by the May 1st deadline
    • Math: MTH 95, Intermediate Algebra, 4 credits
    • Writing: WR 121, English Composition, 4 credits
    • *Chemistry: CH 151, Preparatory Chemistry, 5 credits
      *Students who completed Chemistry 100 at PCC prior to fall 2013 have met this prerequisite requirement
    • Biology: BI 112, Cell Biology, 5 credits
    • Medical Terminology: MP 111, Medical Terminology, 4 credits
      **If you have taken or plan to take a possible prerequisite course at a college or university other than PCC do not assume that your prior coursework is equivalent to the required PCC prerequisite. It is highly recommended to have outside courses approved by the Veterinary Technology Program prior to submitting them in an application. You may email course descriptions to for approval prior to application submission. Course descriptions are found in a school’s catalog which is available on most school websites. Please be aware that completion of Veterinary Technology prerequisite requirements does not guarantee admission to a program.
  • Completion of Direct Observation
    • Please see Direct Observation Forms for more information on this requirement
  • Letter of Recommendation
    • Please see Application Guidelines for details on this requirement

Additional Application Details

Admission Process: Application Evaluation

Applicants are evaluated using a point system. Points can be earned in the following areas:

  • Prerequisite GPA
  • Overall GPA
  • Completion of a prior degree
  • Veterinary experience
  • Animal experience
  • Letter of recommendation

Admission Process: Interview

  • Based on application point totals the top applicants will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview. Interviews are held at the Rock Creek Campus. If they are chosen for one, applicants will be contacted in late May/early June to schedule an interview.
  • The entire interview process takes 30-40 minutes. This time will include checking in, the interview itself, and time for you to ask questions of the interview committee.
  • The interview dates are scheduled for early June.

Admission Process: Applicant Selection

  • The points from the application packet will be added to the interview points to determine who will be offered a seat in the program. Up to 30 applicants with the highest combined point totals from their application and interview will be offered a seat in the veterinary technology program. Applicants will be made aware of their status in early July. Students who are offered placement will receive further correspondence throughout the summer regarding start dates and other program requirements.

Timeline for Admission

  • May 1: Applications due
  • Mid May: Applicants are made offers to come for interviews
  • Late May/Early June:Interviews are held at the Rock Creek Campus. Invited applicants must interview in order to be considered for the program.
  • Late June/Early July: Up to 30 applicants are offered placement in the Veterinary Technology Program. Notification letters will be emailed to your MyPCC email address. All admission decisions are final.
  • September: Please note that Veterinary Technology students must attend a mandatory orientation held prior to the fall term start date. Details will be made available to students during their placement offering to allow for planning.
  • September: Veterinary Technology coursework starts with the start of fall term at PCC
Have questions?

Contact the Veterinary Technology program.

Application Packet

Print all documents below for a complete application packet. The application deadline is May 1. Please use the Application Guidelines to help you fill out the application correctly.