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Private music lessons

Sylvania guitarsMUP class

Private music lessons (MUP courses) are available for credit through both the Sylvania and Rock Creek campuses to music majors and non-majors alike.

Our private lesson faculty includes some of the finest musicians in the Pacific Northwest.

These credits are transferable to other universities and can count towards your degree at four year institutions.

How to enroll in private music lessons

To enroll in private music lessons for credit, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Course Content Outcome Guide (CCOG) specific to your instrument.
  2. Contact lesson coordinators Julia Banzi (Sylvania), or Jason Palmer (Rock Creek) for private lesson instructor contact information.
    • Julia
    • Jason Palmer
  3. Lesson requirements: Complete eight (30-minute or 60-minute) lessons with the instructor per term. In addition complete your recital and a jury. Ten contact sessions total per term. First term MUP students are not required to do a recital.


Performance class and performances are included with lessons.

An added bonus of the private music lessons is the opportunity to attend Friday Performance Sessions to share and participate with other students who are learning music. These Friday sessions help you to prepare for real live performances! We ask that you attend at least eight of the ten Performance Sessions including jury and recital.

Performances are in one of PCC’s Performing Arts Theatres. You also have the opportunity to perform in exciting end-of-term concerts at one of PCC’s state of the arts theatres or venues around Portland and the surrounding areas. Here you present work covered in your private study and the performances are open to the public. Attire is semi-formal concert black.


Music juries

To further encourage you to practice and improve we have the end of term music juries. This is standard for all universities. In a music jury, you meet with faculty for a brief twenty minute presentation of the skills you have acquired during the term and perform a prepared piece. In the music jury you receive valuable feedback to help you to improve and move forward with your goals.

Fee policy

  • The lesson fee for 2 credits is $500 per term and for 1 credit $250 per term.
  • Review and sign the Private Lesson Agreement you will receive from your instructor.