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Private music lessons

Private music lessons (MUP courses) are available for credit through both the Sylvania and Rock Creek campuses and are required for students who plan to major or minor in music at a four-year university. Lessons are also available for credit to non-music majors. Our private lesson faculty includes some of the finest musicians in the Pacific Northwest.

For instructors

Instructor evaluation form

If you are a private instructor, please review our Private Lesson Agreement and contact John Mery or Jason Palmer to review the Course Content Outcome Guide (CCOG) specific to your instrument.

For students

To enroll in private music lessons for credit, follow these steps:

  1. Review lesson requirements and fee policy.
    • Lesson requirements: Complete ten (30 minute or 60 minute) lessons with instructor per term. Attend all Friday performance sessions and perform in minimum of two per term. Perform in end-of-term concert each term. Complete music jury examination each term (schedules listed below).
    • Fee policy: Students who enroll in private music lessons must pay a lesson fee in addition to the credit tuition. The lesson fees cover the cost of the lessons and are paid to the private lesson instructors. Lesson fee for 2 credits is $500 per term and $250 for 1 credit.
    • Review and sign the Private Lesson Agreement.
  2. Contact lesson coordinators John Mery (Sylvania) or Jason Palmer (Rock Creek) for private lesson instructor contact information. You will then contact the instructor to set up a lesson time. 1 credit lessons are equivalent to 10 1/2 hour lessons, 2 credit lessons are equal to 10 1 hour lessons.
  3. Contact the teacher to arrange lesson schedule – if you do not have an instructor contact the lesson coordinator.
  4. Attend and participate in music performance sessions online (April 3). Check your PCC email for information on how to access online group sessions. Time and date: Fridays at 12 noon. If COVID-19 restrictions are lifted we will resume in-person performance sessions beginning Friday, May 8 on Sylvania Campus in HT 123 (Sylvania lessons) and the Forum Theatre (Rock Creek lessons). Music performance sessions provide a less formal environment for the development of performance skills. Students should perform repertoire that represents material covered during their applied music lessons. These meetings are mandatory and will count toward the final grade. Important points:
    • Attend the first performance class online. The first music performance session is absolutely mandatory – anyone that is registered and misses this meeting will be dropped.
    • Attend a minimum of six performance sessions.
    • Perform in a minimum of two sessions.
    • First performance must be completed by the fifth week.
    • Performance material should be limited to no more than 12 minutes.
    • Spring 2020 performance class dates:
      • April 3, 10, 17, 24
      • May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
      • June 5 jury (Vocal Students must secure an accompanist for the concert and jury)
  5. Participate in final concert and Jury Examinations. Final concerts and recitals are held in the Sylvania campus Performing Arts Center (PAC) for Sylvania lessons, and the Forum Theatre for Rock Creek lessons. They provide an opportunity for students to present work covered in their private study, and are open to the public. Attire is semi-formal concert black.
    • For final performances, performance information (title, composer, and composer dates) must be submitted by the deadline set by the instructor. Students who do not meet this deadline for the program will not be allowed to perform on the final recitals and will receive a grade of “Incomplete” for the lessons.
    • End of Term Performances – Sylvania Performing Arts Center, June 1 (instrumentalists) and June 2 (vocalists), 12 noon-1:30
    • Music Juries: Sylvania – Friday, June 5 TBD in HT 123 (bring jury examination form)

You will not receive credit for private music lessons unless all steps are completed.