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Cascade MAHB 218 | 971-722-5398 | Program Director: Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Program Overview

Multimedia student and instructor working with video.

The Multimedia Program offers more than 25 courses and an Associate of Applied Science degree and One Year Certificate in Multimedia.

Students entering into the Multimedia Program must have strong Macintosh or Microsoft Windows computer skills and must be familiar with software for digital layout, digital image processing and design. In addition, though not required, it’s recommended that you meet with a multimedia advisor before registering for multimedia courses.

A variety of students from diverse backgrounds choose our program. High school graduates, creative professionals, those in career transition, and those looking for continuing education are just some of those who bring to our program a vitality and creativity that enriches your learning experience. Our staff possesses advanced degrees, and many offer unique industry experience from which you may draw. Our dynamic and applicable curriculum reflects this diversity and provides you with a firm foundation in multimedia authoring.

Program Requirements

Before entry into the program, students must have the following:
  • High school completion (or high school equivalency)
  • COMPASS (math and English skills assessment) exam scores that demonstrate readiness to successfully complete Writing 121, Reading 115, and Math 60
While in the program, students must meet these minimum requirements:
  • Certificate students must receive a "C" or better in all required multimedia courses
  • Transportation to and from Portland area facilities where you do your cooperative education

Course of Study

The program is located at the Cascade campus. The 100 level multimedia courses are generally offered each term, and students may begin taking classes during any term. A variety of advanced, 200 level courses are also offered. Certificate students must receive a "C" or better in all required multimedia courses.

Please contact the Multimedia Department for more information or to set up an appointment.