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Graphic Design, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Graphic Design2 yearsLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2022-2023 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
Summer TermCredits
COMM 111 Public Speaking * 4
GD 120 Graphic Design I 3
First Term
ART 131A Drawing I * 4
GD 114 Introductory Typography 3
GD 150 Digital Illustration 1 3
Second Term
GD 116 Intermediate Typography 3
GD 122 Graphic Design 2 3
GD 140 Digital Page Design 1 3
GD 151 Digital Illustration 2 3
Third Term
ART 214 History of Graphic Design * 4
GD 124 Graphic Design 3 3
GD 141 Digital Page Design 2 3
GD 160 Digital Imaging 1 3
GD 182 Screen Design Principles 3
All first year non-GD requirements must be completed prior to second year admission, and of these, all GD and ART classes must be passed with a 'B' or higher.
Fourth Term
GD 221 Graphic Design 4 3
GD 239 Illustration for Graphic Designers 3
GD 244 Print Strategies 3
GD 249
or GD 280A
Design Studio
or Cooperative Education: Graphic Design
GD 260 Digital Imaging 2 3
Fifth Term
ART 272
or ART 273
or ART 274
Printmaking I Screenprinting
or Printmaking I Intaglio
or Printmaking I Relief
GD 222 Graphic Design 5 3
GD 228 Professional Graphic Design Practices 3
GD 242 Combined Graphic Programs 3
General Education: 1 course
Sixth Term
ART 140A Introduction to Digital Photography * 4
BA 239
or BA 223
or Principles of Marketing
GD 229 Portfolio Preparation 3
Graphic Design Art Elective 3
General Education: 1 course
All General Education courses must be completed by end of this term.
 Total Credits92

Could be used as General Education

Transfer to PSU

The Graphic Design program provides one-on-one training for students to apply for PSU’s Sophomore Portfolio Review process. Completing PCC’s Associate of Applied Science Graphic Design degree enables graduates the opportunity to apply a “Block Transfer” of all PCC GD credits toward the PSU’s Graphic Design BFA program, entering in the Junior year.

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