Diesel Service Technology

Getting Started

Course Planning

Courses in this program may be taken in any order. You are welcome to begin taking any of the Diesel courses offered each fall, winter, and spring term. The Course Planning Guide will show you which classes will be offered each terms. The diesel program does not offer courses during the summer term.

Most diesel courses are offered as a two modular sequence. Example: DS 103 Fuel Injection Systems 6cr. and DS 203 Fuel Inject. Syst. Diagnostics 6cr. Students should register for BOTH modules, as the 1XX session runs the first half of the term and the 2XX session runs the second half of the term. The only exceptions to this are DS 100 Heavy Duty Diesel Electrical/Cummins Electronic Controls and DS 101 Engine Rebuild. These are both 12 cr. classes and run the entire length of the term. See the current term schedule for details.

Required courses for completion of the AAS Degree and the Two-year certificate can be viewed and printed from the link below:

Prerequisite requirements:

  • Reading: completion of RD 80 or placement into RD 90 or higher
  • Math: completion of MTH 20 or placement into MTH 60

For more information about academic requirements, see the catalog.

Required Tools

You are required to buy the tools listed on the Required Tool Set. Cost of tools will vary depending on the tool vendor. You are welcome to purchase your tools from where ever you would like. Contact an advisor or one of our instructors for tool vendor information. Contact tool vendors directly for a current quote.

Required Books

Visit the Rock Creek Campus bookstore to find the required textbooks for the courses you've registered for.