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Computer Information Systems, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Computer Information Systems2 years

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Course listing for the 2022-2023 catalog year.

CIS 121Information Systems and Programming *4
CIS 122Introduction to Programming Logic *4
CIS 140MOperating Systems I: Microsoft4
or CS 140U Introduction to UNIX
CIS 179Data Communication Concepts I4
CIS 184CIntroduction to Information Security4
CIS 234AReal-World Programming4
or CIS 280D Cooperative Education: Application Development
CIS 244Systems Analysis4
CIS 275Data Modeling and SQL Introduction4
WR 121College Composition4
WR 122Intermediate College Composition4
or WR 227 Technical and Professional Writing 1
CIS Program Electives 132
CIS Programming Electives 28
CIS Program Business Electives6
General Education: 2 courses
Total Credits92

Could be used as General Education


CIS Program Electives - 32 credits total from Introductory Electives or Advanced Electives.  A minimum of 16 credits from Advanced Electives.


For the Computer Information Systems AAS Degree, eight credits of programming electives must be a two-term sequence from the Programming Elective List.

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