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PCC Board Resolution 96-88

Board resolution 96-88 designates the Print Center as the Board-approved department to provide copier and printing services. Accountability and security are required in addition to a full-service contract for maximum up-time. It also requires vendor staffing to reduce “key-operator” duties on the part of administrative staff.

PCC’s current Board-approved contract with Xerox provides:

  • All services and supplies (delivery, installation, emptying, picking-up, and recycling)
  • A full-time Xerox technician to resolve issues immediately or escalate service calls
  • Training at the time of equipment delivery/setup and anytime upon request

This has been a successful deployment of security and accountability since July 1996 and the cost-per-copy billing model reflects the Board’s requirements. Additionally, the Print Center provides database management and software administration of the Copier ID system.