Design services

The Print Center no longer offers design services. We will be partnering with the Marketing Department to create, update, and manage all your marketing, promotional, and design needs.

Update an existing project

To request design updates, first request design assistance from the Marketing team.
Be sure to:

  1. Reference your project’s file number in the provided sections.
  2. Include your text or layout updates or upload a Word .doc in the ‘File Upload’ section.
  3. Attach any necessary files for image updates.

Create a new project

New design projects will take time to collaborate and create. Please allow yourself several weeks lead time to produce new design projects.

For a free consultation from the Marketing Department:

  1. Submit the Marketing Project Request, making sure to attach any existing or inspirational files.
  2. Request a printing cost estimate from the Print Center if your project involves printing and time allows for this step.
  3. The work process of the Marketing department is detailed on this Work Process Chart. Please plan accordingly to meet your deadlines.