Our Work Process

While every project is unique, below is a step-by-step guide for how the marketing team works with you, our clients.

These timelines are an estimate, and smaller projects may take less time. Generally, our team needs at least one month to complete most projects, but please reach out no matter your deadline. We will discuss your needs in our project review and do our best to work within a time frame that accommodates both teams.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your next marketing project.

If you have questions regarding timelines, please reach out to Emily Smudde, Marketing Coordinator.

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Project Intake Phase

Step Notes How long will it take?
Step 1: Project Kick-off

Once you’ve submitted your request via our project intake form, our team will review your request and assign a project lead.

The project lead will reach out with any follow up questions or guidance on your next steps.

3-5 business days
Step 2: Project Review

Based on your project scope, our team may require a work agreement to outline deadlines, deliverables, creative direction, etc. This may extend your project timeline by 5-10 business days.

Your project lead will discuss your next steps.

5-10 business days

Content Collection Phase (Optional)

Step Notes How long will it take?
Step 3: Finalize Content + Production Plan

Should the project need help with developing written content or collecting photography, this will extend the project timeline by 10-15 days (or more).

All additional content collection requirements will be outlined in the project work agreement.

10-15 business days

Design and Revision Phase

Step Notes How long will it take?
Step 4: Design begins Once all content is approved and delivered to our team, the design phase will begin. You will receive a design proof within two weeks unless otherwise noted. 14 business  days
Step 5: Design Review (Varies)

Based on the needs of the project, the project lead will determine the number of review rounds and the scope of each review. The project schedule will be outlined in the work agreement for your approval prior to work beginning. Each phase begins with the designer delivering a design draft and ends with the client submitting edits or approval.

Please note: The time noted is for one review phase. If multiple phases are required, each phase will extend your project timeline by the designated amount.

Time may vary
Creative review
Your team will have the opportunity to review the design and offer feedback on color, layout, style, etc.
7-10 business days
Technical review
Your team will have the opportunity to review the piece for any technical errors, including typos, incorrect information, etc. We highly recommend finalizing all content prior to design to avoid editing large chunks of text as this will extend the timeline.
3-5 business days
Iterative Mock-ups
Iterative mock-ups, where the designer offers multiple options for your team to choose from are allowed on a case-by-case basis for high-level initiatives as determined by the PCC Marketing & Communication team. You will be asked to select and approve one of the design options prior to any content or layout changes to the design.
1-3 weeks

Any additional review rounds outside of the agreed upon amount will extend the project timeline. If needed, our team will review and adjust the deadlines in the work agreement accordingly and submit for your approval prior to the additional rounds beginning.

Please Note: Any additional review rounds will extend your project timeline by a minimum of 7-10 days, depending on the extent of the review.

Project Wrap-Up Phase

Step Notes How long will it take?
Step 6: Finalize and submit for production

Once the design is approved, you will receive your finalized pieces via email or Google Drive.

If required, our team will package up all design files and submit them for production. In certain cases, you may be asked to approve the final printing proof, invoice, etc. from the vendor prior to production. This will be outlined in your work agreement.

3-5 business days
Step 7: Project wrap-up Depending on the scope of the project, our team may ask for a wrap up meeting to discuss project outcomes, barriers, next steps, etc. 3-5 business days


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