ESOL Annual Scholarship

The ESOL scholarship helps students pay for college.

What is a scholarship?

  • Scholarships are money that a student gets from a college or organization.
  • Scholarships are used to help pay for a student’s education.

What is the difference between a scholarship and a student loan?

  • A student loan is money that a student borrows to help pay for classes.
  • The student must pay back the money later.
  • When a student receives a scholarship, he or she does NOT pay any money back.

What types of scholarships are there?

  • There are many different types of scholarships for students with different interests, talents, backgrounds, and needs.

What is the ESOL Annual Scholarship?

  • The ESOL Annual Scholarship is only for students in the ESOL program at PCC.
  • It provides $1,000 to help pay for ESOL credit classes at PCC.
  • It may be given to up to four students for the 2018-2019 school year.

Which students can apply for the ESOL Annual Scholarship?

  • Students must have started the ESOL program at PCC in level 1-3.
  • They must be currently enrolled in levels 4 - 7.
  • They will still be in the ESOL program in Summer 2018.
  • They must have a C+ grade or higher in their ESOL classes.

How can I apply for this scholarship?

You'll need to:

  • Complete the online scholarship application. (You will need your PCC user name and password)
  • Provide contact information (the names and email addresses) of two of your ESOL teachers who can write letters of recommendation for you.
  • Write short responses (one paragraph each) to two specific topics.
  • Write one essay on a specific topic.

Can you tell me more about the essay?

  • It must be no be more than 1.5 pages long, double spaced (this is about 350 words). However, it can be shorter.
  • It should describe a significant challenge, accomplishment or change that has happened in your life in the last ten years.
  • And it should describe how you responded to that challenge, and what you learned about yourself.

Can I get help with my essay?

  • One of the ESOL teachers may be available to mentor you. He or she will be able to help with the application process. This includes coaching you on your essay.
  • You can also get help with your essay at the Tutoring Center or Writing Center on your campus.
  • See a sample student essay

When is the application deadline?

  • The last day to submit your application, including the essay, is March 1, 2018.
  • The last day to submit the contact information for the instructors (who will write your letters of recommendation) is February 1, 2018.
    • Please note: this contact information must be submitted online. However, it can be submitted before you finish the rest of the application and essay.

If you would like to apply for the ESOL Annual Scholarship:

  • Please email the contact person on your campus if you are interested.

Scholarship Contacts

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ESOL Annual Scholarship