What are your goals?

Below is an overview of the many program entry and exit points. Please view a more detailed program overview.

Know your English level

ESOL testers and advisors will help you find the best starting point for you, based on your English language skills.

Reach your goals

There are several exit points depending on your goals: basic communication skills, Career Pathways courses, or entering WR115.

ESOL levels

  • Basic – Levels 1, 2, 3: For students with little to no English skills (non-credit)
    • After Level 3, you can communicate for daily social interaction and talk about routine needs.
  • Transitional – Levels 4, 5: For students with intermediate skills (credit optional)
    • After Level 4, you are ready for some jobs and some Career Pathways training courses.
    • After Level 5, you are ready for some jobs, all Career Pathways training courses, and most social communication.
  • Academic – Levels 6, 7, 8: For students advancing English skills for work or education (credit)
    • After Level 8, you will be prepared to enter WR 115 and continue college.