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In less than one year, you can create your career

Access and opportunity

  • Want help navigating your options – whether you are just starting college, switching careers, or looking to advance in your field?
  • Interested in individualized support for college and career success?
  • Looking for the best training option, that offers a direct connection to jobs and internships?

PCC Career Pathways offers fast-track certificate programs with over 50 options that lead to jobs and degrees. Our team will help you find the right educational path, support you to reach your college and career goals, and connect you with in-demand internships and jobs. We are here to help you advance along your education and career path – whether you are the first in your family to attend college, switching career paths, a non-native English speaker, or wanting to advance in your current position and field.

Are you working with Vocational Rehabilitation?

We have extra support for students who are working with Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact us at icap@pcc.edu or call 971-722-6556.

Are you a non-native English speaker interested in working with children?

We have special support for students working to gain English Language skills who want to join a low cost, year-long program to become a Child Development Associate (CDA). In Oregon having a CDA places you at Oregon Registry Step 7.

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