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How do online classes work?

Attendance and participation

Your instructor will assess your attendance and participation in an online class in the same way they do in a face-to-face course; you need to be present on a regular basis, you need to contribute frequently, and your contributions should add substance to class interactions. You are expected to participate in online course activities on a regular basis, which means it is not an option to wait until the end of a term before completing online activities. It is up to you to decide which days, and what time of day you would like to dedicate to your coursework, just be sure to check the course calendar for quiz dates and assignment deadlines. Effective online students will participate in some form of online activity several times a week.

Course specific requirements

Some online classes require activities or proctored exams that must be completed at a specific location. Some examples include an on campus lab session for a science class, or a math class that requires proctored exams which can occur on campus or at an instructor approved testing location near you. Before you officially register for an online class, it’s important to check the Class Details page linked from the online schedule.

class details link in a schedule listing

In addition to possible on campus participation requirements, this page often includes important information about required software, special course materials or prerequisites.