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Your computer

laptopTo participate in PCC Online classes, students are expected to be familiar with computers and the Internet. Students are responsible for their own software and computer equipment maintenance and setup.

Basic system requirements

  • Access to a modern computer system with a supported operating system (OS) installed.
  • A broadband internet provider or mobile carrier with LTE or better service.
    • If your download speed is greater than 512 kbps, your internet connection should be sufficient for taking online classes at PCC, though we recommend faster connections.
    • If your download speed is less than 512 kbps, you may want to consider upgrading your internet connection or finding a faster internet connection elsewhere (possibly at a campus, public library, etc). If a faster internet connection is unavailable to you, you may find it frustrating to take your online courses.
  • An internet browser installed on your computer. If you are not using one already, we recommend that you download one of the recommended browsers.

Other software requirements

  • A word processing software program, such as Google Docs (provided by PCC), Microsoft Word, or LibreOffice
  • Current anti-virus software must be installed and kept up to date. Learn more about the importance of virus protection
  • Multimedia plug-ins may be required to allow your browser to access online video or interactive features

Class-specific requirements

Your class may have other computer equipment or software requirements, such as speakers or a headset which are required for some courses. Please check the Class Details page to see if your class has other requirements. You can find a link to the Class Details page, via the online schedule.

Computer skills

The following are optional tutorials to enhance your skills. Each tutorial opens in a popup window; to return to the orientation when you are finished, simply close the window.