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Interested in teaching online?

Getting started

Training is required to teach online at PCC. Deans and Chairs coordinate enrollment in training sessions for instructors interested in online teaching. Instructors should contact their Dean or Chair to initiate the process.

For more information about entry-level training required to teach online, contact Peter Seaman. For more information about online course development or revision requests, contact Heather Guevara.

  • Becoming an¬†online instructor involves:
    • 1) enrolling in the two-part training (FOOT first, then OIO)
    • 2) developing a new course, revising a course, or taking over an existing course
    • 3) teaching the course.
Entry-level training consists of two parts:
  1. Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FOOT)

FOOT is designed to allow instructors to test the waters of online learning, try out the online mode in a supported environment, and assess the instructor’s readiness for teaching online. The FOOT is available to instructors without a teaching assignment and runs for two weeks. Learn more about the FOOT course.

  1. Online Instructor Orientation (OIO)- offered once per term

OIO introduces instructors to online course design and teaching at PCC. It is a five module, four week course. Learn more about the OIO.


Once instructors have completed the two-part training, they are ready to either:

  • develop a course,
  • revise a course, or
  • takeover a course.

Please contact your Dean or Chair to get started.